Cyclone Dust Collector
Cyclone Dust Collector

If you are in need of a solution to separate heavy dust particles from your air stream, a cyclone dust collector may be the perfect choice for you. Cyclone dust collectors utilize a centrifugal cyclonic or vortex effect created by tangential rotation to effectively remove heavy dust particles. These industrial dust collectors can be used as a primary separator to reduce dust load on fabric filters or other dust collectors, and can even serve as a spark trapper in certain applications.

At TECHFLOW, we are a trusted manufacturer of industrial cyclone dust collectors that provide maximum efficiency of dust separation while using less power. Our high-quality cyclone dust collectors result in better outlet emission, reduce the load on bag houses, bag filters, and other dust collection systems, extend the life of filter bags, and improve product recovery. Choose TECHFLOW for all your cyclone dust collector needs.

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Cyclone Dust Collector


Cyclone Dust Collector

Cyclone dust collectors are versatile and cost-effective machines that can handle a wide range of dust collection needs. One of the main advantages of cyclone dust collectors is their easy maintenance and cleaning, as they can be quickly and efficiently cleaned between product batches. With a dual-stage collection system, cyclone dust collectors can effectively capture both coarse particles and fine dust, making them ideal pre-cleaners before processing in a bag house.

Dust collector manufacturers offer cyclone dust collectors in various configurations, including single/mono cyclones, twin cyclones, quad/hexa or octa cyclones, and modular cyclones. These machines are characterized by their high efficiency, large processing volume, and stable performance. They are commonly used in a wide range of industries, such as particle board plants, cement plants, boiler flue gas systems, polishing and buffing machines, and abrasive media manufacturing.

Cyclone dust collectors have many other applications, including fly ash handling plants, shot and sand blasting, mineral grinding, furnace fume extraction systems, product collection, carbon black and rubber processing, food processing plants, and plastic and wooden pellet conveying. With their small footprints, cyclone dust collectors require minimal floor space and are easy to store. Choose a cyclone dust collector for efficient and effective dust collection in your industry.

  • Particle Board Plants
  • Guar gum Processing
  • Boiler Flue Gas
  • Primary Separator for Dust Collector
  • Spark Trapper
  • Fly Ash Handling Plants
  • Polishing Machines
  • Buffing Machines
  • Cement Plants
  • CNC Machine
  • Shot Blasting
  • Sand Blasting
  • Abrasive Media Manufacturing
  • Dryer Exhaust
  • Kiln Exhaust
  • Pneumatic Conveying System
  • Sander Dust Collector
  • Mineral Grinding
  • Furnace Fume Extraction System
  • Product Collection
  • Carbon black Industry
  • Rubber Processing
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Master Batch Industry
  • Plastic Pellet Conveying
  • Wooden Pellet Conveying
  • Wood Chip Conveying


Cyclone Dust Collector System: Features and Options

When it comes to dust collection systems, cyclone dust collectors are a popular choice for many industries. These machines are known for their efficiency, reliability, and low maintenance requirements. Here are some features of cyclone dust collector systems that make them stand out:

  • No moving or rotating parts: Cyclone dust collectors have a simple design that requires minimal maintenance. Without any moving or rotating parts, they are less likely to break down and require repairs.
  • High separation efficiency: Cyclone dust collectors have a special inlet design that allows them to effectively separate dust and particles from the air stream. This results in a high separation efficiency that can reach up to 98% for powders.
  • Application-based designs: Cyclone dust collectors can be designed and customized to fit specific application requirements. This ensures optimal performance and efficient dust collection for each industry.
  • Small footprint: Cyclone dust collectors have a small footprint, meaning they take up less floor space than other dust collection systems. This makes them a great choice for industries with limited space.

Cyclone Dust Collector Features :

Cyclone dust collectors come in several options to suit different needs and applications. Here are some common options:

  • Single / Mono Cyclone: A basic cyclone dust collector with a single cyclone.
  • Twin Cyclones: Two cyclones used either in series or parallel to achieve better dust collection efficiency.
  • Quad / Hexa or Octa & Modular Cyclones: Multiple cyclones arranged in a modular fashion to achieve higher dust collection efficiency and capacity.

Advantanges :

  • Cyclone Dust Collector

    Compact Design

  • Cyclone Dust Collector

    Occupies less space

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Cyclone Dust Collector